Customized compounds via mouse click

Find the optimum compound and corresponding processing parameters for your application!
Save costs, labor and time-consuming test series!


Recipe suggestions based on given properties

You know what properties a plastic to be developed should have?
Use POLYKUM DigiLab® to determine the recipe with which you can fulfill these requirements. This service is freely accessible to you as a user until further notice.


Property forecast based on specified materials

You want to compound selected materials and know in advance as exactly as possible what will come out?
Use POLYKUM DigiLab® to simulate your new compound and get to know the properties of the resulting plastic. This service is available to POLYKUM members.

DigiLab VR

Recipe development in a virtual reality environment beta

Would you like to get a visual impression of the formulation and process-dependent properties of plastics? Do you want to color your plastics and know in advance what will be the outcome? Use the VR application in POLYKUM DigiLab® and get a 3D representation of the material data as well as a realistic visualisation of colored materials. This service is available to POLYKUM members. Watch the trailer!

Data Import

Import of compounds and materials

Enter your compounds or materials in the POLYKUM DigiLab® database and make them visible for the search and forecast function. This allows all users to convince themselves of the advantages of your products. This service is available to POLYKUM members.