POLYKUM DigiLab® app

The POLYKUM DigiLab® app represents a virtual development platform for new compounds from customized thermoplastics. The actual browser-based version (web app) is focussing on the standard processing technologies of injection molding and extrusion but also covers direct processing technologies like Direct compounding injection Molding (DCIM) and Injection Molding Compounding (IMC).


An open network of interested companies, organizations and research institutes was founded to continuously improve the POLYKUM DigiLab® app. Coordination of this network and frequent updates are done by Fraunhofer IMWS .


Co-financing of the Fraunhofer IMWS research project "Erforschung einer virtuellen Entwicklungsplattform für die Rezeptierung und Verarbeitung von maßgeschneiderten Thermoplasten als Beitrag zur Industrie 4.0 in der Kunststoffindustrie" to enable the POLYKUM DigiLab® app was provided by the Investitionsbank Sachsen-Anhalt (grant number: ZWB 1704/00007).